Content policy

To protect the experience and safety of INILAB users, we have defined certain rules that apply to the type of content and behavior allowed. These restrictions are set out below in the INILAB Regulation.

The INILAB Rules (and all policies contained therein), our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use constitute the "INILAB User Agreement", which governs your access to and use of the INILAB services.

1. Nature of contents

1.1 Authorized content on INILAB

As part of the public version of the INILAB platform, the contributions you post in the forum must be related:

  • 1.1.1 The expression of an opinion, the preparation or implementation of a project and/or debate aimed at improving coexistence.

  • 1.1.2 Any project eligible for one of the democratic instruments in force in the country or platform is available (e.g. petition, citizens' initiative, referendum, etc.).

In the case of privatised versions, the nature of the authorised content is the responsibility of the contractor. However, such content must comply with Article 1.2 of this Content Charter.

1.2 Limitations on the content and use of INILAB

In accordance with the terms of use, INILAB reserves the right to remove any contribution it deems inappropriate, inappropriate, contrary to laws and regulations, to this statute of contents or susceptible to directly or indirectly damage third parties.

The first level of the moderation process is the responsibility of the project leader. This moderation is strictly in accordance with the following rules and may be challenged by the author of the contribution if he considers that it is not justified under the following rules.

Any contribution that will be moderated or removed from the moderation process will be:

  • 1.2.1 is not related to the discussion topics or the platform topic.
  • .
  • is not related to the project for which it is proposed.
  • .
  • 1.2.3 is not constructive and/or does not contribute to debate or reflection.
  • .
  • 1.2.4 is redundant
  • .
  • 1.2.5 is not in the right category
  • 1.2.6 has obvious spelling, grammar or syntax errors
  • .
  • 1.2.7 has insufficient image quality.
  • .
  • 1.2.8 is confused and whose syntax can be improved for better understanding.
  • .

Any contributions will also be moderated or deleted, without prejudice to any disciplinary or judicial proceedings, if any:

  • 1.2.9 constitutes a violation of the right to privacy or intellectual property rights.
  • 1.2.10 is abusive, defamatory, offensive, offensive, vulgar, aggressive, obscene, disrespectful or defamatory,
  • .
  • 1.2.11 encourages the commission of crimes,
  • 1.2.12 is against public order and morality,
  • 1.2.13 supports crimes or crimes and in particular homicides, rapes, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
  • .
  • 1.2.14 encourages discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, hatred, violence, racism or revisionism,
  • .
  • 1.2.15 clearly violates the rights of others and in particular those that damage the honor or reputation of others,
  • .
  • 1.2.16 is linked to a clearly commercial interest or promotional purpose not applicable to the platform,
  • .
  • 1.2.17 may constitute an incitement to racial or religious hatred, pornography or paedophilia,
  • .
1.3 Other restrictions on use
Intellectual Property

Trademark: We reserve the right to suspend accounts or take other appropriate measures against accounts when a person's trademark or registered trademark, including the company name and/or logo, is used in a manner that misleads or deceives others about the affiliation of that trademark.

Copyright: We will respond to clear and complete notifications of alleged copyright infringement. Our copyright practices are described in our Terms of Use.

Explicit violence and content for adults

Any form of bloody content related to death, serious injury, violence or surgical procedures is considered explicit. Any means of communication of a pornographic nature and/or whose purpose is to to sexually arouse is considered adult content.

It may happen that INILAB asks you to remove excessively violent content, out of respect for the deceased and their families, if we receive a request to that effect from a family. or an authorized representative.

Illicit use

It is forbidden to use our service for illegal purposes or for the prosecution of illegal activities. Use of INILAB indicates that you agree to comply with all applicable laws regarding online content and behaviour.

Third-party advertising in video content

You may not post, publish or display on our services or through our services any video content containing third party advertisements, such as pre-roll video ads or sponsorship images, without our consent. prior agreement.

Misuse of INILAB badges

You must not use a badge, in particular a sponsored or certified badge, unless this badge has been provided to you by INILAB. Accounts that use unauthorized badges as part of their photo profile, banner, photo or display name, or using them in any way that implies affiliation with INILAB or permission from INILAB to use these unrealistic badges may be suspended.

Misuse of user names

Sell Usernames: You may not buy or sell INILAB Usernames.

User Name Monopolisation: You should not engage in user name monopolisation. These are some of the factors we consider when determining whether conduct is a monopoly of the user name:

  • the number of accounts created
  • .
  • creating accounts to prevent others from using these account names.
  • .
  • create accounts in order to sell them.
  • .
  • using third party content streams to update and maintain accounts using the names of those third parties
  • .

Please note that INILAB may also delete inactive accounts for more than six months.

Violence and injury

Violence: It is forbidden to express specific threats of violence or to wish death, illness or physical injury to a person or group of persons. This includes, but is not limited to limit, threaten or promote terrorism. Furthermore, you should not join organisations that, through their statements or activities inside and outside the platform, use violence against civilians to promote their cause, or incite violence to that end.

Suicide or self-destructive behaviour: it is forbidden to promote or encourage suicidal or self-destructive behaviour. When we receive reports that a person is at risk of suicide or self-harm, we may take various measures to assist them, such as contacting them to provide them with adequate resources,

Sexual exploitation of children: it is forbidden to promote the sexual exploitation of children.

Inadequate behaviour

We believe in freedom of expression and dialogue, but this philosophy does not make much sense if people's voices are silenced because they are afraid to be heard. In order to ensure that users feel confident in expressing their opinions and beliefs, we prohibit inappropriate conduct, including harassment, intimidation or the use of fear to silence another user's voice. The context is important for assessing inappropriate behaviour and determining appropriate sanctions. The factors we can take into account include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The behavior is aimed at a person or group of people.
  • .
  • The report was made by the target of the inappropriate behavior or by a witness.
  • Behaviour is intended to inform in the legitimate interest of the public.

Inappropriate behaviour: Targeted harassment and incitement to do so are prohibited. Any attempt to harass, intimidate or silence a person is considered inappropriate behaviour.

Undesirable Advanced Sexual: It is forbidden to send unwanted sexual content to a person, to deal with it sexually explicitly or to engage in sexual behavior. inappropriate of any kind.

Hate Conduct: Do not threaten, harass or incite violence against others on the basis of race, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or serious illness.

Hate images and display names: The use of hate images or symbols is prohibited. Nor should you use your user name or name to engage in inappropriate conduct, such as targeted harassment, or to express hatred towards a protected person, group or category.

Private information and intimate media

Private Information: You may not publish or publish the private information of another person without their express consent and permission. The definition of private information may vary according to local laws.

Intimate media: You may not post or share intimate photos or videos of a person taken or transmitted with or without their consent.

Threats of disclosure or hacking: You should not threaten anyone by disclosing private information or intimate media. We must also not threaten to attempt to violate digital data. of a person.

Identity theft

You must not impersonate individuals, groups or organizations in any way that causes or intends to cause misunderstanding, confusion or deception towards others. It is forbidden to manage parody accounts, fans, comments or news feeds.

Spam and security

We strive to protect INILAB users from technical abuse and spam.

In order to promote a stable and secure environment on INILAB, the following conduct is prohibited when accessing or using the service:

  • Access or attempt to use or modify non-public areas of INILAB, its computer systems or the technical delivery systems of INILAB service providers.

  • Probing, scanning or testing the vulnerability of any system or network, or violating or circumventing security or authentication measures or attempting to do so.

  • Access or attempt to access INILAB, or seek or attempt to search through INILAB, by any means (whether automated or not), other than our current public interfaces provided by INILAB (and only to the extent of the applicable terms of use), unless you have been expressly authorized to do so under a separate agreement with INILAB. Note that the indexing of INILAB is allowed if this operation is performed in accordance with the provisions of the robots.txt file. However, it is expressly forbidden to vacuum INILAB without our prior consent.

  • Falsify a TCP/IP packet header or any part of the information contained in the header of an email or publication, or use INILAB in any way to send altered, misleading or incorrectly identified information.

  • Interrupt or disrupt the access of any user, host or network, including, but not limited to, sending a virus, performing tasks to overload the INILAB services, to saturate, spam or bombard with email, or by scheduling content creation so as to interfere with INILAB or create an excessive burden on the service.

Any account involved in the following activities may be temporarily blocked or may be permanently suspended:

  • Malware and phishing: you may not post or provide a link to harmful content that is intended to damage another person's browser or computer, or to disrupt its operation or to compromise that person's privacy.

  • Spam: The use of INILAB services for spamming purposes is prohibited. Spam is generally defined on INILAB as an activity carried out in bulk or in an aggressive manner. and intended to manipulate or disrupt INILAB or the experience of INILAB users in order to generate traffic for unrelated accounts, products, services or initiatives or to attract to pay attention to them. These are some of the factors we consider when determining that conduct is spam:

    • You have subscribed to and/or deleted many accounts for a short period of time, especially if you have done so by automated means (aggressive subscriptions and deletions).
    • Your contributions mainly consist of shared links without comment.
    • .
    • Many people have blocked you due to a large amount of content or untargeted commitments, not required or duplicated from your account.
    • .
    • The number of spam complaints against you is high.
    • You publish duplicate or substantially similar content, responses, or statements to multiple accounts, or you publish many identical updates to a single account, or you create duplicate or substantially similar accounts.

    • A number of updates are published relating to a popular trend or topic to subvert or manipulate the topic to generate traffic for accounts, products, services or initiatives that are unrelated or to draw attention to them.

    • You send a large number of unsolicited responses or quotes.

    • Users are added to the lists either aggressively or in bulk.

    • You interact randomly or aggressively with contributions or users to generate traffic or draw attention to unrelated accounts, products, services or initiatives.

    • Repeatedly publish other people's account information as your own (biography, profile URL, etc.).

    • Post links that are misleading, deceptive or harmful (e.g. affiliate links, links to harmful programs or diversion pages, etc.).

    • You create fake accounts, or interactions or impressions of fake accounts.

    • Sell, buy or try to artificially inflate the interactions between accounts.

Content visibility

Accounts under examination or containing content in breach of this Regulation may have their own visibility or that of their contributions limited to several locations in INILAB, particularly in research.

2. Non-compliance with the INILAB rules

All persons accessing or using the INILAB services must comply with the policies set out in the INILAB Regulations. In the event of non-compliance, INILAB may impose one or more of the following penalties:

  • Request to remove prohibited content in order to create new publications and interact with other INILAB users.
  • .
  • temporarily limit the ability to create publications or interact with other users INILAB
  • .
  • asks you to check the ownership of the account with a phone number or email address
  • .
  • Suspend your account permanently.
  • .

If you try to get around a permanent suspension by creating new accounts, we will suspend the new accounts. Please note that you may need to amend these Rules from time to time, and we reserve the right to do so. The online version is always the latest. The policies set out in these INILAB Regulations govern the organic content on our platform.

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